AI-Mat seminar
    • Time: 2020/1/8(Wed.) 12:20
    • Speaker: Prof. Ching-Ray Chang, (Department of Physics, NTU)
    • Title: Beyond the Moore’s law—Disruptive and Revolutionary Era of Quantum Computer


  • C-K Ku, P-H Wu, C-C Chung, C -C Chen, K-J Tsai, H-M Chen, Y-C Chang, C-H Chuang, C-Y Wei, C-Y Wen, T-Y Lin, H-Li Chen, Z-Y Lee, J-R Chang, Y-S Wang, D-Y Wang, Bing Joe Hwang, Chun-Wei Chen*. “Creation of 3D Textured Graphene/Si Schottky Junction Photocathode for Enhanced Photo‐Electrochemical Efficiency and Stability” Advanced Energy Materials, 2019, 9, 1901022,

  • H-H Huang, Y-C Shih, Leeyih Wang*, K-F Lin* “Boosting the ultra-stable unencapsulated perovskite solar cells by using montmorillonite/CH3NH3PbI3 nanocomposite as photoactive layer” Energy & Environmental Science, 2019, 12:165, DOI: 10.1039/c8ee02958j

  • Abhishek Pathak, J-W Shen, Muhammad Usman, L-F Wei, Shruti Mendiratta, Y-S Chang, Batjargal Sainbileg, C-M Ngue, R-S Chen, Michitoshi Hayashi, T-T Luo, F-R Chen, K-H Chen*, T-W Tseng*, L-C Chen*, K-L Lu* “Integration of a (–Cu–S–)n plane in a metal–organic framework affords high electrical conductivity” Nature Communications, 2019, 10, 101721,


13th New Diamond and Nano Carbons Conference

Date:2019.5.12 ~ 17
Loction:Hualien, Taiwan