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Juen-Kai Wang

Research Fellow, CCMS

•  Adjunct Research Fellow, IAMS 
•  Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan, ROC
 - Consultant, Material and Chemical Research Laboratory 
 - Consultant, Laser Application Technology Center, ITRI South

Education:Ph.D. (1992), Applied Physics, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA

Research Interests:Nanometer-scale optical spectroscopy, Plasmonics and surface-enhanced Raman scattering, Optical spectroscopy in photovoltaic systems, Spectroscopic applications in clinical microbiology and environmental monitoring, Intense light interaction with matters, Surface vibrational spectroscopy

Office: CCMS / PHYSICS Building R1107

Phone: + 886 - 2 - 23668225


Modern Optical Spectroscopy Lab.

Labs: R1207

Phone: + 886- 2 - 33665259