微 觀 能 譜 顯 微 技 術 領 域 

S 1

Electron Microscopy Group

Study of the structural, electronic and magnetic properties of novel oxide and nano-structured materials by various techniques associated with electron microscopy.

Laser Spectroscopy Group

Development of frequency- and time-resolved laser spectroscopic techniques.

S 3

Surface Science Group

Physics and chemistry of material interfaces, surface analytical spectroscopy.

S 4b

Nano Physics Group

Investigating physical phenomena of nanoscale systems and their potential applications.


新 穎 尖 端 材 料 領 域

E 4

Inorganic Materials Group

Synthesis and applications of low dimensional nanomaterials based on carbon or nitride compounds. Developments of new advanced bulk materials for frontier research in materials physics.

E 5

Thin Film Heterostructures & Spintronics Group

Development of advanced thin films and heterostructures for novel electronic and magnetic properties.

E 3

Semiconductor Physics & Nano Electronics Group

Design and growth of special semiconductor structures under extremely low temperature and high magnetic field conditions

E 2

Organic Polymer Materials Group

Design, synthesis, quantum chemistry, and theoretical modeling of hyper-structured materials.

E 1

Theoretical Modeling and Materials Computations Group

Theoreitcal and computational studies of physical and chemical properties of a wide range of materals.


Novel Single Crystal Materials Group

Using optical floating-zone method, chemical vapor transport, and high pressure synthesis techniques, combining diffraction, magnetic and physical properties characterization, to provide novel single crystals for research community.


High Pressure Technique and Novel Materials Group

The High Pressure Science Solution provides HP synthesis and characterization techniques, utilizing systematic symmetry analysis of the phase transition to derive the structure-property relationship.