微 觀 能 譜 顯 微 技 術 領 域 

S 1

Electron Microscopy Group

Study of the structural, electronic and magnetic properties of novel oxide and nano-structured materials by various techniques associated with electron microscopy.

Laser Spectroscopy Group

Development of frequency- and time-resolved laser spectroscopic techniques.

S 3

Surface Science Group

Physics and chemistry of material interfaces, surface analytical spectroscopy.

S 4b

Nano Physics Group

Investigating physical phenomena of nanoscale systems and their potential applications.



新 穎 尖 端 材 料 領 域

E 4

Inorganic Materials Group

Synthesis and applications of low dimensional nanomaterials based on carbon or nitride compounds. Developments of new advanced bulk materials for frontier research in materials physics.

E 5

Thin Film Heterostructures & Spintronics Group

Development of advanced thin films and heterostructures for novel electronic and magnetic properties.

E 3

Semiconductor Physics & Nano Electronics Group

Design and growth of special semiconductor structures under extremely low temperature and high magnetic field conditions

E 2

Organic Polymer Materials Group

Design, synthesis, quantum chemistry, and theoretical modeling of hyper-structured materials.

E 1

Theoretical Modeling and Materials Computations Group

Theoreitcal and computational studies of physical and chemical properties of a wide range of materals.