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Cs Corrector + JEOL 2100F Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope(STEM)

FEI-Tecnai-G2-F20 Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope(STEM)

JEOL, JEM-2000FX Conventional Transmisson Electron Microscope(TEM)

JEOL JSM-6700F Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM)




Equipment Classification

  • For collaborative research proposals with significant scientific impact

  • Priority of usage based upon scientific merits of each research proposal; publication of names of users and all submitted research proposals

  • Collaborations conducted under the guidance and consultation of technical experts

  • Open to all kinds of research projects

  • Independent work without supervision for certified users

  • Not open to general users during development

  • For custom development and enhancement of special functionalities

  • Requirements of professional expertise and uniqueness of functionality

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