Yukio Furukawa

FurukawaBachelor of Sci, The University of Tokyo (1979); Master of Sci, The University of Tokyo (1981); Doctor of Sci (Ronbun-Hakase), The University of Tokyo (1988). 1982–1988, Assistant, Tohoku University (Pharmaceutical Institute); 1988–1990, Assistant, 1990–1992, Lecturer, 1992–1997, Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo (Dept of Chemistry); 1997–2007, Professor, Waseda University (Dept of Chemistry); 2007–, Professor, Waseda University (Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry); 2000–2002, Chairman of Dept of Chemistry, Waseda University; 2006–2008, Associate Dean of School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University; 2007–2011, 2016–, Vice-president of The Spectroscopical Society of Japan. Major research fields: Raman and infrared spectroscopy of organic semiconductors and conductors; Properties of polymer semiconductors and conductors; Organic devices such as light-emitting diodes, transistors, and solar cells; Electric field effect on infrared spectra; Vibrational spectra of new materials. Awards: 2002 Sep, 2007 Oct, 2009 Jul, 2010 May, 2013 Oct, BCSJ Award, The Chemical Society of Japan; 2016 May, The Spectroscopical Society of Japan Award (2016).