Enhancing Photogating Gain in Scalable MoS2 Plasmonic Photodetectors via Resonant Plasmonic Metasurfaces

Prof. Yu-Jung Lu from Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica/ Associate Professor, Department of Physics, National Taiwan University

@ Chin-Pao Yang Lecture Hall ( Room 104 ), CCMS-New Phys. Building


Absorption of photons in atomically thin materials has become a challenge in the realization of ultrathin high-performance optoelectronics. While numerous schemes have been used to enhance absorption in two-dimensional semiconductors, such enhanced device performance in scalable monolayer photodetectors remains unattained. Here, we demonstrate wafer-scale integration of monolayer single-crystal MoS2 photodetectors with a nitride-based resonant plasmonic metasurface to achieve a high detectivity of 2.58 × 10^12 Jones with a record-low dark current of 8 pA and longterm stability over 40 days. Upon comparison with control devices, we observe an overall enhancement factor > 100, this can be attributed to the local strong EM field enhanced photogating effect by the resonant plasmonic metasurface. Given that 2D semiconductors and hafnium nitride are not only Si CMOS process compatible but also achievable over wafer scales, our results pave the way for seamlessly integrating 2D semiconductor-based photodetectors into imaging, sensing, and optical communications applications. The detailed mechanisms and potential applications of this technology will be explored further in the presentation.

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